Journey Mapping Technology:
Turning Information Into Action That Gets Results.

We Are With Our Members Every Step Of Their Journey

Each consumer interaction with the healthcare system generates data. As the single point of contact for our members, their providers, employers and payers, we receive data for each interaction in real time. From these snapshots we are able to see the bigger picture of their healthcare journey. Each snapshot is an opportunity to intercept the member in real time when guidance is essential to improving the member's outcome. Looking at the bigger picture, we are able to predict future interactions and determine the member's best course of care.

In effect, Journey Mapping Technology enables us to provide guidance from the outset to the outcome of each member's healthcare journey.

Human Touch Enabled By Technology

One Platform

  • Connect partners to a single platform
  • Real-time data exchange


  • Digital outreach
  • Human touch
  • Notification calls to action
  • Employees and spouses


  • Clients' look and feel
  • Personalized experience


  • Engagement
  • Real-Time Intercept

"Quantum has helped our organization not only lower our healthcare spend, but has also helped our members become more engaged in their health. The Care Coordination model, including wellness, has really moved our organization forward in the healthcare landscape and has raised an awareness among our employees and their families. The Care Coordinators are the heart of Quantum Health, and they are the reason that this model is successful."

Benefits Director, National Retailer

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