Our Proven Model Gets Results.

We believe the consumer experience drives all results. Persistent real-time guidance improves utilization and lowers cost. The results we achieve for our clients have been independently validated for more than 18 years.

Real-time Intercept
The 120-Day Advantage

Proprietary journey mapping technology, the best and brightest clinicians and a deep understanding of the consumers' healthcare experience work together in real time to positively impact the cost and quality of our members' care. On average, we engage with our members, on average, 120 days earlier than other models and well before unnecessary costs are incurred.

Real-Time Intercept

87.7% of members engaged through Real-Time Intercept

Engagement taking place, on average, 120 days prior to claim processing

Higher Engagement.
Higher Satisfaction.

Engaging employees and providers earlier and more often not only results in significant savings for employers but also provides employees with a better healthcare experience. Our high satisfaction rates from clients, members and providers speak volumes about the effectiveness of our model.

How We Define Engagement

For us, engagement is more than leaving a message or mailing a postcard. We define it as a meaningful conversation that provides a measurable impact on our members' healthcare experience.

Higher Engagement

70+ Net Promoter Score

Higher Engagement

Improved Utilization
Changing Behaviors That Drive Cost

Persistent, real-time guidance achieves more effective utilization of healthcare services. Drivers of cost, such as readmissions, IP days, ER visits and inappropriate self-referrals, are avoided.

Improved Utilization

Improved Utilization

Reduced Cost
Industry-leading Trend Reduction

Real-Time Intercept enables us to engage members, on average, 120 days earlier in their healthcare journey than other programs. By communicating directly with members and their providers in real time we can identify unnecessary healthcare utilization and change behaviors before cost is incurred.

Reduced Cost

"So many employees contact me and tell me how happy they are with your services. They often express that the Care Coordinators go above and beyond any other insurance agency they have ever had contact with. They have never received such personal care. It is fantastic and my people and I are really, really thankful for you!"

Benefits Manager, Regional Accounting Firm

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