Quantum Health + City of Hope

Together, we're transforming cancer care navigation for our members.

A First-of-its-kind Collaboration Provides One-of-a-kind Cancer Support

Quantum Health and City of Hope are joining forces to transform cancer care navigation. As a world-class innovator of cancer treatment and research, City of Hope provides the Care Coordinators at Quantum Health with additional clinical expertise to support patients, their families and their providers. Together, we're providing more compassionate and comprehensive cancer care support for Quantum Health members.

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Keeping Up With Rapidly Evolving Cancer Care

Quantum Health and City of Hope combine expert healthcare navigation with leading-edge research to ensure patients, families and providers are aware of new or emerging treatments and are able to make informed decisions.

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Five major employers choose City of Hope's renowned cancer expertise for their employees and join Quantum Health's innovative Personal Precision Oncology Management program

The program provides Quantum members with access to City of Hope's personalized cancer care

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"Our relationship with City of Hope will arm our clinical care coordinators with the latest research and technology to deliver unparalleled cancer care navigation and support to our members, their families and their providers on their unchosen healthcare journey."

Kara Trott, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Quantum Health

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