We take care of healthcare so you can take care of business

It’s a national epidemic: Organizations are under extreme pressure to keep healthcare costs down while keeping their employees healthy and productive.

Not addressing the problem is not an option. Conventional approaches have limited long-term effects. That’s why more and more organizations are using Quantum Health as their remedy to our country’s healthcare crisis.

Today, our client base consists primarily of self-funded employers with 1,000 or more employees, and they range from egg farms to engineering firms. Despite the differences between our clients, they all share one thing in common—they’re using Quantum Health to improve the health of their employees and the overall well-being of their organizations.

The following is a list of markets we’re particularly well-suited for:

    • Hospital Systems
    • Manufacturers
    • Coalitions/Consortiums
    • School Districts and Universities
    • City & County Governments
    • Technology/Communication
    • Entertainment/Casinos
    • Retail
    • Professional Services
    • Union/Taft-Hartley

To see if Quantum Health is a good fit for your organization (or your client), contact us today.